Joseph Floyd Crosby

(1911 - 1945)

This is a story of a life cut too short.  Of course, I did not meet him, since he died when I was but two years old.  I have heard is that he was very personable.  He also had to be very talented in many respects, as he was a pilot flying the hump in Burma during WWII.  Also note his photography in the scrapbook below.

He had married Fern (Kay), and they had no children.

Also note the closeness of the brothers and also note that Bertha Charlotte Crosby (their Aunt) seemed to be a center of their communications.

It was after the war years that there was a breakup in the closeness of the brothers and they each went their separate ways.

He is referenced numerous times in the Crosby Family Letters.  To see those references, go to the letters and enter "Joe" into the search box.

Joe and Kay kept a scrapbook, which is presented below.  This scrapbook was in the possession of Maxine Harvey Crosby in Salem, OR until 2000, when it was transferred to Larry Allen Crosby.  It is now in the possession of Larry Allen Crosby as of Feb, 2019.

Every page is self explanatory with the exception of the Family Bible p11.  I believe that this is the page from the family Bible of Floyd Wallace and Charlotte Roxey Pease Crosby, where they recorded the names and births of their children.  It is very hard to read, but you can make out some of the names and dates.

No idea whatever happened to that Bible.

Also note pages 12 and 13, which shows an example of his creative work with photographs.

Joe did not survive the war years.  He was involved in dangerous missions flying the hump in Burma.  He died in a drowning accident while taking time off from flying.   Below are the various communications during his time in India and records of his death.

He is buried at the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific in Honolulu, HI.