Letters of the Floyd Wallace Crosby Family

The Floyd Wallace Crosby families were prolific letter writers. 

The cast of characters and their relationships are illustrated above in the formal family tree.  

The image to the right is the Crosby family in Dickson, TN in 1896, just prior to their involvement in Cuba.

These letters are listed in the chart below,  and they really tell the day to day trials and tribulations of the family members.  They also tell of larger world events and how they impacted the family at the personal level.  For example, the 1919 flu epidemic had a profound impact on the George Francis Crosby Family.  Disease and death in Cuba had a profound impact on the Clarence Wallace Crosby Family.  

Most of these letters were preserved by Jesse N. Crosby, who stored them in Cuba, and brought them back to the Main Land.  These were in the possession of Lula Crosby Keyes, who passed them on to Larry Crosby in 2000.  Note that many of these letters are over 100 years old.

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1908-04-05Crosby, Floyd W.Dickson, TNCrosby ChildrenBartle, Cubapaper weights, business cards, Walter trip to NY, canning factory, Nellie
1909-01-13Crosby, Jesse N.Dickson, TNCrosby, Floyd W.Bartle, Cubanew stack for boiler, work slack, balanced ledger accounts, HW Lumber, Magie falling out w Lula, Jesse wants out of business, Fannie's pictures, FW Crosby reply at bottom of letter.
1912-09-24Crosby, Charlotte R.Bartle, CubaHobbs, AbbiePaw Paw, MIFloyd working at mill 6 days/wk, Floyd & Jesse operate saw & planing mills, Walter & Nellie's husband Herbert operate handle mill, Clarence working as fireman on rr, Teresa runs hotel & 5 kids, George's wife & parents moving to Zion, Howard works
1915-12-17Crosby, George F.Zion, ILCrosby, Floyd W.Bartle, CubaTurn down job in Cuba
1916-06-27Crosby, Floyd W.Detroit, MICrosby, Jesse N.Bartle, CubaMoney, bought 1912 Oakland 4 pass car for $165, Bertha here now,
Crosby, Floyd W.Zion, ILCrosby, Jesse N.Bartle, CubaDriven car 550 miles, 2 accidents and damage, Will & Abbie here, need to eat hens, Howard should stay w you until I return
1916-12-18Crosby, Floyd W.Galena, ILCrosby, Jesse N.Bartle, CubaAnson's treatment, head aches & feet problems, do not enjoy cold weather, living expenses fierce here, limberger cheese so high, all girls here Sat nite before Xmas, doing truck repair work, Clarence, realize that our best working days are past - feet.
1917-12-03Crosby, Floyd W.Billings, MTCrosby, Jesse N.Bartle, Cubafrom Toluca 2 weeks ago, rented small furnished rooms, working in small planing mill, rent high here, not much building done at Toluca, George planted 180 acres of wheat and left for Zion, Anson, Olo on war path, George to come home or not at all, Olo coming out with George, Bertha taking typing & steno classes, need $50/month, Cuba best climate for me
1921-05-28Crosby, Jesse N.Bartle, CubaCrosby SiblingsEstate Settlement Papers
1917-04-15Crosby, Floyd W.Monroe, WICrosby, Jesse N.Bartle, CubaZion, George, Clarence, Cuba, Revolution, Jesse Vacation, Sell Property, FW no desire to live in States, job, Anson's House, FW Taking Treatment, Galena,
1917-05-21Crosby, Fannie F.Zion, ILCrosby, Jesse N. & LulaBartle, CubaOlo, Bertha, FW & George go West, Charlotte, Minnie, Clarence, Galena, Fannie raise at job, Marshall Field, Red Cross, Waukegan, Howard
1917-05-22Crosby, Charlotte R.Zion, ILCrosby, Jesse N.Bartle, CubaHoward, Cuba, Money, Floyd, Montana, Anson, Zion, George, Lonesome, Lula,
1917-07-15Crosby, Fannie, F.Zion, ILCrosby, Jesse N.Bartle, CubaCuba settled down, Charlotte, Detroit, Olo, Clarence, George, Anson Proposition, Floyd, Tractor, Bank Loan, Bertha, Howard, Lula Roses,
1917-07-27Crosby, Floyd W.Toluca, MTCrosby, Jesse N.Bartle, CubaFloyd W. Busy, Howard, Hand Sharpen Plow, George, Hardin, MT., Anson, Machinery, Bank Loan, Charlotte, Nelle, FW - first time in life so near charity, FW - I am a great Cuba and would rather be there, Living Expenses high,
1917-09-17Crosby, Clarence W.Zion, ILCrosby, Jesse N.Bartle, CubaClarence weak and depressed, Almeda Clark, Lewis, Working at target factory, Boss said no one else could produce as much, Cuban Business Matters, Bartle Graves, Zion church Conditions
1917-11-13Crosby, George F.Zion, ILCrosby, Jesse N & Walter E.Bartle, CubaZion, Wheat, Anson, Montana, Toluca, Machine Farming, Tractor, Charlotte, Floyd Finished Fence, Zion, Olo & Children, Anson to provide money for house, Cuba left me behind in money, Flax
1917-12-10Crosby, Clarence W.Zion, ILCrosby, Jesse N.Bartle, CubaGreat Lakes Naval Training Center, Waukegan, Almeda Clark, Allen, Lewis, Ariel, Church Affairs, Zion, Teresa, Steven, Maggie
1918-02-25Crosby, Charlotte R.Billings, MTCrosby, Jesse N & LulaBartle, CubaBertha, Food Prices, Frank, Zion, George, Almeda Clark, Clarence
1918-02-25Crosby, Floyd W.Billings, MTCrosby, Jesse N.Bartle, CubaBanking, Bertha Tuition, Tired of Idleness, Auto at Zion, George Sell Auto, Will Hobbs, Michigan, Billings, RR Grades, Anson, Anna, Build 2 Story House & Basement, Gas Tractor
1918-03-19Crosby, Floyd W.Billings, MTCrosby, Jesse N. & Floyd H.Bartle, CubaAnson asks Floyd to boss construction of new house, George, Wheat Crop Prospects, Bertha Tuition, Banking
1917-08-08Crosby, Charlotte R.Detroit, MICrosby, Jesse N.Bartle, CubaHoward, Zion, Banking, Nellie, Herbert, Clarence $5 for Xmas, George, Would not send boys to Europe War, Cuba Trouble, Montana, Dillon Pease, Fannie, Olo not nice, Floyd feeling better, Montana work 4 am until 10 pm
1917-09-07Crosby, Charlotte R.Detroit, MICrosby, Jesse N.Bartle, CubaHoward, Herbert, Bertha, Nellie, Floyd, Montana, Build House for Anson, Charlotte - cook, Floyd - carpenter, Cuba for Winter?, George, Charlotte likes US better than Cuba, Little Shack in Cuba, Charlotte feels she is a burden, Herbert & Nellie homesick for Cuba
1917-10-14Crosby, Floyd W.Toluca, MTCrosby, Jesse N.Bartle, CubaGeorge, Wheat 175 acres sowed, Floyd building 2 miles of fence, Anson, gave up building house this season, living in 12 x 14 shack, George sleeping in tent, Bertha stays in town, Floyd would like to return to Cuba, Floyd trouble with feet, Emerson Tractor, Banking, Money for Charlotte to come out, Bertha broke, Floyd getting too trifling to do much
1917-12-15Crosby, Clarence W.Zion, ILCrosby, Jesse N.Bartle, CubaCoal, All his time to take care of little ones, no money, shortage of almost everything, only allow children 1 slice of bread per meal, All but baby Allen without milk, limited meat, no coffee, Clarence desperate for money
1918-01-13Crosby, Floyd W.Billings, MTCrosby, Jesse N.Bartle, CubaCharlotte, Bertha busy with school, Floyd laid off from mill job, Need $100, George has not come West yet, George has sent house plans with bill of material, Floyd has estimated MT cost, Farm improvements to Anson's Account, Projected wheat harvest below average, Floyd & Charlotte want to return to Cuba
1918-01-27Crosby, Floyd W.Billings, MTCrosby, Jesse N.Bartle, CubaTractor to secure logs, Floyd idle, Anxious to get Bertha through school, Cost to live $100/month, not heard from George for some time, no building, Olo throwing cold water, George missed lots of local work because he went back east
1918-04-19Crosby, Charlotte R.Toluca, MTCrosby, Jesse N.Bartle, CubaWeather, Red Cross Social, Beautiful Scenery, Bedding Did Not Arrive
1918-04-19Crosby, Floyd W.Toluca, MTCrosby, Jesse N.Bartle, CubaQuartered in 12x14 Shack, Quite Cozy, Bertha Stayed in Billings, Bertha done with Course, Bertha Make Her Own Way Now, Anson, Build 16x22 Shack for George, George Family Got Measles - delayed Arrival, Wheat Looks Good, Charlotte wants to go to Cuba, Does not Want To Be Away from Girls, I could not hold down job in mill.
1918-04-30Lewis, John AZion, ILCrosby, Jesse N.Bartle, CubaTithe, Christian Catholic Apostolic Church
1918-05-27Crosby, Floyd W.Toluca, MTCrosby, Jesse N.Bartle, CubaKill prairie dogs, George not arrived, measles and mumps, Anson wants Floyd to take over building, living in 12x14 shack, will build 16x32 temp shack for George, house will be 26x26 2 story. George shack material will go into hse, Bert in Billings, alone for first time in life, car needed, wages high, Charlotte health better, Floyd feet problem
1918-12-08Crosby, Charlotte R.Toluca, MTCrosby, Jesse N.Bartle, CubaLula Letter, Flu has left, George, Lois, Herbert, Still in Shack, Morrill Hobbs, Anson &
Anna Home OK, Knitting Yoke, Walter lonesome, Wish Could sell Cuba mill, Jesse & Lula need Vacation, Bertha Likes Job in Billings, Bertha Much Healthier Here, Herbert & Nellie, All Healthier than When in Zion, Christmas Gift $5
1902-07-06Crosby, Marguerite E
UnknownCrosby, Jesse N. & Lula B.CubaJesse & Lula Honeymoon, Marriage Advice
1959-12-23Crosby, George F.Toluca, MTCrosby, Jesse N.Gainseville, FLTractor Field Ditching, Minnie Major Operation, Christmas with Eileen & Family
1955-02-01Nickerson, Nellie E.Williamsburg, KYCrosby, Jesse N.Gainesville, FLLula Made 9th Grade, Carl Draft, Vida, Herbert, Bertha, Jesse Staying with Lorina
1953-05-21Mansolo, Lorina M.Gainesville, FLCrosby, Jesse N.Bartle, CubaPlanted Garden for you, All gone Because of Your Delay in Coming, Ragan Holding Large House for You
1953-02-27Nickerson, Nellie E.Williamsburg, KYCrosby, Jesse N.Bartle, CubaLate for Your Bday, Remie, Lorina, Elathier, Sanford, Baptist Churches, Williamsburg is Mining Town
1952-12-25McCleskey, Fannie F.Sheffield, ALCrosby, Jesse N.Bartle, CubaNellie, Elathier, Sanford, Joe, Fern Austin & Buddy Rogers here for xmas, Floyd & Lexie visit, Agnus not here this year, Where is family letter?
1952-12-22Crosby, George, F.Toluca, MTCrosby, Jesse N.Bartle, CubaIn Receipt of Family Round, Kids have Crosby Roving Habit, Rented Land to Francis, Rented Pasture to Eileen's Husband, Floyd near White Horse, Just Have 200 Acres of Alfalfa to Plant
1952-12-16Nickerson, Nellie E.Sanford, FLCrosby, Jesse N.Bartle, CubaThanksgiving, Fannie, Floyd, Lexie, Gainseville, Elathier, Nellie seamstress, Renie, Lorina, Ragin, Marguerite, Herbert, Newell Hobbs death, Talk About Jesse Return to USA
1952-10-17Nickerson, Nellie E.Sanford, FLCrosby, Jesse N.Bartle, CubaNell Husband Herbert died 10-06, Lula, Lorina, Scientific Healing booklets from Jesse, Unity Books, Elathier, Papa (Floyd W) did not like hand me downs for younger kids per Mama (Charlotte R), Renie, Discussed Clothes and Household Furnishing to save for Jesse
1952-10-06Mansolo, Lorina M.Sanford, FLCrosby, Jesse N.Bartle, CubaDeath of Herbert Nickerson, Nellie, Fannie, Cancer, Elathier
1952-07-24Mansolo, Lorina M.Gainesville, FLCrosby, Jesse N.Bartle, CubaNellie, Fannie, Herbert Cancer, Elathier, Maguerite, Bertha, Nellie has not told anyone about Herbert, Lula
1952-07-12Mansolo, Lorina M.Gainesville, FLCrosby, Jesse N.Bartle, CubaRagan, Lula Teaching, Lorina infection
1928-01-16Pease, Anna E.Janesville, WICrosby, Jesse N.Bartle, CubaNellie & Walter back to USA, Dillon & Mary Pease, Lost track of Clarence, Wheaton, Bertha, Fannie,
1950-02-06Nickerson, Nellie E.Sanford, FLCrosby, Jesse N.Bartle, CubaRagin, mill, Arthur, Need reliable help for Mill, Want you & Frank to run Mill, Walter, Retail Yard, Jesse Welding, Truck, Nellie, Fannie planning trip to see Bert out west, Elathier, Joe's Mother Died, Lorina, Herbert Improving
1950-02-27Nickerson, Nellie E.Sanford, FLCrosby, Jesse N.Bartle, CubaBertha, Fannie, Portland, Dickson, Nashville, Sheffield, Ragin, Cattlemen's Association, Tampa, Lorina's Incision, Remie
1950-12-18Crosby, George F.Hardin, MTCrosby, Jesse N.Bartle, CubaTrip South, Crop News, Sugar Beets, Working at Sugar Beet Factory for 3 Months at $10/Day
1951-05-07Nickerson, Nellie E.Sanford, FLCrosby, Jesse N.Bartle, CubaHerbert Improving, Lorina & Ragin Here, Sell Mill, Buy Ranch, Eugene, Lula, Fannie, Fern's Baby, Agnes Getting Married, Floyd, Floyd Howard called - marrying Girl from Statin Island, NY. Fort Jackson, Elathier Visit,
1951-12-16Crosby, Ladonna L.Ballantine, MTCrosby, Jesse N.Bartle, Cuba14 Years Old, Sister Sherri, Francis Crosby, George Crosby, Farm, Animals, Cuban Stamps
1951-12-18Mansolo, Lorina M.Gainesville, FLCrosby, Jesse N.Bartle, CubaMarguerite & 2 boys here while Carl in Macon, Saw Filer at $2.00/Hr, Tractor Demolished,
1952-06-10Nickerson, Nellie E.Sanford, FLCrosby, Jesse N.Bartle, CubaLorina, Ragin, Mama (Charlotte) "Where there is a will, there is a way", Herbert Home From 4 Weeks in Hospital, Uremic Poisoning, Elathier
1919-02-25Crosby, George F.Billings, MTCrosby, Jesse N.Bartle, CubaBrothers, Howard, Walter, Grief, Olo was good wife & mother, Lois flu - pneumonia - abcess - spine curvature, Herbert pneumonia but much improved, Charlotte mild flu, Floyd sick for some time - pain in stomach, Bertha, Floyd headaches, GFC asking Family Advice
1919-05-22Crosby, Charlotte R.Toluca, MTCrosby, Jesse N.Bartle, CubaYour Letters Comfort, Want to be with You, George Needs Me, Lonely without Pappa (Floyd), Bertha & Howard Here for Day, Fannie Stayed 10 Weeks, Had All Teeth Pulled in Billings, George Working Hard, Instructs Jesse to Sell Her Things in Cuba, Now 10pm - George Just Came in From Field, Family Affairs - Lawyer Died so Delayed, Nellie, Herbert, Need $25/month, Floyd Planned to Return to Cuba Next Fall
1924-10-07Crosby, Steven A.Zion, ILCrosby, Jesse N.Bartle, CubaRadio Set, Night Time Range 1500 Miles, Will Send Aerial First, Lightning Arrester, Frank, Arthur
1945-01-28Hays, Minnie E.Livingston, MTCrosby, Jesse N.Bartle, CubaFamily Photo, Wedding Photo, Winford, Country Hicks, Winford Working RR Round House, Return to Farm March 1, Jesse Visit ?, Remedias
1924-04-14Crosby, Charlotte R.Sheffield, ALCrosby, Jesse N.Bartle, CubaCharlotte not feeling well and weak, Dillon, Mary, Anna, Will, Fannie, Fern, Charlotte needs money, Dr. Bills, She Owes Howard $300, Wants to Pay Debts
1924-04-13Crosby, Fannie F.Sheffield, ALCrosby, Jesse N.Bartle, CubaCharlotte not well, Dr. says weak heart, swollen feet, Send $100 she requested so she won't worry, Fannie Gave Alternate Address to Respond
1924-04-30Crosby, Charlotte R.Sheffield, ALCrosby, Jesse N.Bartle, CubaThanks you for letter with $100, Not Feeling Well, Fannie Wishing for Money for house, I owe Howard $400-$500, and Bertha $200, Frank, Howard in Colorado Springs Working in Mill, Have not heard from Clarence or George for Some Time, Joe, Lorena, Walter
1924-08-05Crosby, Bertha C.Portland, ORCrosby, Jesse N.Bartle, CubaCancelled Charlotte's Note, Dillon, Howard, George, Fannie
1929-01-03Pease, Anna E.Janesville, WICrosby, Jesse N.Bartle, CubaAnna job photo finishing, Bertha, Clarence in Wheaton helping boys thru school, Clarence invited her to come live with them, Nellie, Dillon and Mary, Clarence and Ariel drove over to see Dillon and Mary
1932-01-15Crosby, Arthur N.De Land, FLCrosby, Jesse N.Bartle, CubaEstate Settled in Dickson, TN, Money from Estate - need money, bad news from Cuba, How is Dad's (Walter) handle factory doing
1933-10-25Crosby, Clarence W.Zion, ILCrosby, Jesse N.Bartle, CubaSent 2 Religious Tracts, Life Philosophy ignore small things and do duty, Canadian Matter, Chief Joy in life helping Incurables
1933-10-31Crosby, Clarence W.Zion, ILBrothers & SistersBudget, George, Jesse, Walter, Nell, Cuban Mail Situation Bad, Family Reunion did not Work Out Well - Numbers, Fannie, Zion Church Situation, Out of Work
1933-12-28Crosby, Clarence W.Zion, ILBrothers & SistersBudget, Cuban Troubles, Family Letter, No Further Word from Jesse, Zion Estate, Supposed Job in East at Standstill, Nell & "Marker", Has no car, no business & no money, Lewis working for Walter, Joe & Ariel in Eau Claire, Meda Recovering, Allen Had Been Working in Hotel in Waukegan, but Now Out of Work - Changed Hands, Fannie, George
1933-12-29Crosby, Clarence W.Zion, ILCrosby, Jesse N.Bartle, CubaMailed Family Letter Yesterday, Zion Church Matters, He & Meda working with sick, Clarence had Dispute with Church Leaders & Expelled - Several Others Also, Clarence Selected as Pall Bearer for Deceased Church Leader, Clarence Philosophy - Principle Over Political, Meda Recovering, Allen Great Big Fine Lad - Brings Girl Friend, Lewis in FL, Joe & Ariel in Eau Claire, Aerial Lost First Girl, but Has Girl 2 Months Old, Ariel and Maxine Ideal Couple, Have Not Heard from Stephen or Dave For Some Time, Takes 16 Tons of Coal for Winter, Jesse Should Not Stay in Cuba, Lorina
1934-03-31Crosby, Clarence W.Zion, ILCrosby, Jesse N.Bartle, CubaAnalytical Letter About Crosby Family, Lewis Problems, Walter & I. Cuba, Floyd, Charlotte, Teresa, Floyd, Climate,
1936-12-04Crosby, Clarence W.Wheaton, ILCrosby, Jesse N.Bartle, CubaFundamentalist Phamplet, Cuba, Blood
1938-04-21Crosby, Clarence W.Chicago, ILCrosby, Jesse N.Bartle, CubaDriving to Family Reunion, Come Ride with Me, Wants Jesse to Give Up Cuba & Join Clarence in Religious Activities
1938-11-25Crosby, Clarence W.Chicago, ILCrosby, Jesse N.Bartle, Cuba22nd Anniversary of Teresa's Passing, Miss Her, Allen Married a Year Ago Today, Has Very Nice Young Wife, Both Working in Waukegan, Xmas Get Together?, Waiting for Family Letter, Missionary Effort in Cuba, Your New Wife Does Not Have A Workable Knowledge of English?
1938-12-06Crosby, Clarence W.Chicago, ILCrosby, Jesse N.Bartle, CubaRuth Gottschalk from Zion, George Clark, Well Driller, Questions About Bartle Cemetery, Stephen, Family Letter, Christian Radio and Short Wave, No Xmas Visit
1939-02-08Crosby, Clarence W.Chicago, ILCrosby, Jesse N.Bartle, CubaLorina, Jesse Sick, Supper with Allen & Pauline in Waukegan Last Night - Living in Small Apartment in North Chicago, Allen Working for Armour in Waukegan as Salesman and Delivery Driver, Pauline Working at Steno for Lawyer, They Drove Me to Highland Park to see Joe, But He Was Out, Joe Drives a Bakery Truck, In Good Health, Cousin Letter Went To Stephen
1936-09-09Crosby, Bertha C.Portland, ORCrosby, Jesse N.Bartle, CubaNellie, Walter, George, Ila, Chicago Visit, Floyd, Dinner in Waukegan w Allen, Lewis, Joe & Ariel, Visit Meda in Zion, Field Museum, Herbert, Jesse Leaving for Cuba, Billings Chiropractor, Minnie, Aunt Anna Died, Clarence went to Funeral, Anson
1939-09-26Nickerson, Herbert H.De Land, FLCrosby, Jesse N.Bartle, Cuba$700 Lease, Deeds
1942-04-13Crosby, Arthur N.De Land, FLCrosby, Jesse N.Bartle, CubaThanks for Magazine Subscription to "Destiny", Adventist, Church Squabbling, Remedios, Florabel, Truck Trip
1943-05-13Gottschalk, RuthJohnson City, TNMcCleskey, Fannie F.Sheffield, ALClarence Dying, Bertha, Elinore, Elsie, Ariel & Maxine, Joe Came to Help, Fern, Walter, Jesse, Monroe, Nellie
1943-05-06Crosby, Charlotte J.Hardin, MTCrosby, Jesse N.Bartle, CubaHigh School Graduation, Pictures, Faith, College to Prepare for Missionary Work
1943-05-07McCleskey, Fannie F.Sheffield, ALCrosby, Jesse N.Bartle, CubaClarence Ill, Ruth
1943-05-14McCleskey, Fannie F.Sheffield, ALCrosby, Jesse N.Bartle, CubaJohnson City, Joe M, Clarence in Very Bad Condition, Ruth Dietary Care, Two Doctors Said Need Miracle, Staying in Trailer, Discussing Burial Arrangements
1943-11-28Crosby, Jesse N.Bartle, CubaBrothers & SistersFamily Letters Here, Walter, Thanksgiving Day, Remedios, Lula, Juanita, Bertha, Ariel, George, Ruth, Competitor Out of Business, Tribute to Clarence
1951-04-25Nickerson, Nellie E.Sanford, FLCrosby, Jesse N.Bartle, CubaHerbert Condition, Ragina, Jessie Headaches, George, Floyd Howard, Lula 12 Years Old, Lorina, Elathier, Frank
1919-02-22Crosby, Clarence W.Zion, ILCrosby, Jesse N.Bartle, CubaTrunk he left w Jesse, Need Stocker Drawings, West tracings destroyed by fire, Cuban mail
1919-03-19Crosby, Clarence W.Zion, ILCrosby, Jesse N.Bartle, CubaGrave Markers, Is anyone looking after cemetery?, Trouble here, Need to payoff bills there, Church matters horrible, Healings, Room rent $50/month, Helping others - going w/o clothes & food, Floyd W. Operation, Fannie & Nellie going to Montana, Charlotte, Nellie not in favor of operation,
1919-04-14McCleskey, Fannie F.Billings, MTBrothersFloyd W deathbed, George behind in planting, Joe McCleskey got RR pass, Met Nellie in Chicago, Arrived Friday - both Floyd & Charlotte sick with Grip, Floyd had operation, Did not recognize us, Died 7 am, Bertha & Clarence left for S. Wayne, WI, Charlotte wanted burial at Eastman Cemetery, Howard came after, Charlotte appreciated Howard coming, buried in gray suit in a dark gray casket, Anson made arrangements, buried w little Maria, Pease - Dillon, Mary, Anna & Will there, Olo
1919-04-15Crosby, Clarence W.Zion, ILCrosby, Jesse N.Bartle, CubaReturned home from Billings, Floyd spirit gone before I arrived, Wanted chance to heal, Discussed family business matters, Church matters not improved, More interest in Faith Healing, 2 years last nite since we arrived from Cuba
1936-06-04Crosby, Clarence W.Wheaton, ILCrosby, Jesse N.Bartle, CubaFamily letter arrived this afternoon, Answer by last mail tonite, Family reunion taking shape, Lorina interested, Separation from Meta (Almeda Clark), Religious Insite, notarized copies of statement of birth for Jesse, questions Jesse about whether he will stay in Cuba or sell out
1936-06-12Crosby, Clarence W.Wheaton, ILCrosby, Jesse N.Bartle, CubaBertha, Streamliner sailing date - Chicago to Portland - 6 days round trip, Sheffield, AL family reunion
1936-06-13Crosby, Clarence W.Wheaton, ILCrosby, Jesse N.Bartle, CubaFamily reunion, George F requests later date for crop reasons, Mail service
1937-08-17Crosby, Clarence W.New York, NYCrosby, Jesse N.Bartle, CubaTo post office to weigh envelopes & paper, Stress & strain - labor strikes in Manhattan, discusses philosophy of balance between physical and spiritual
1937-08-25Crosby, Clarence W.New York, NYCrosby, Jesse N.Bartle, CubaStephen's letter to you, worried about mail service, Lorina, Howard, radio reception in Cuba, speaking at slum missions, wrapping up affairs here - return to NE IL, discusses 30 year life cycles
1939-03-07Crosby, Clarence W.Chicago, ILCrosby, Jesse N.Bartle, Cuba"choked intestines", Anson, Floyd W, cancer of liver, Floyd W sick in Cuba, hereditary influence, both grandfathers died of cancer, Elathier S Huntley died of heart disease, discusses Charlotte's health, blue eyed & brown eyed Crosbys, Sex advice to Jesse
1930-01-28Crosby, Clarence W.Zion, ILCrosby, Jesse N.Bartle, CubaClarence has flue & pluresy - hardening of arteries and overweight - changing diet and hours, Ariel & Allen camping in Wheaton, Ariel is runner, Joe, David & Lewis with me, Got large well contract, Stephen in NY w Colonial Radio Co, finished coil winding machine, have 6 big boys, Lorina, Nellie
1931-08-10Crosby, Clarence W.Libertyville, ILCrosby, Jesse N.Bartle, CubaCuban revolution, Leave Cuba and come to Chicago
1931-08-13Crosby, Clarence W.Libertyville, ILCrosby, Jesse N.Bartle, CubaDavid sailing between NY & Havana on Steamer "Moro Castle", New company "The Water Service Company", Ariel with me in office, Joe & Louie running machines, Allen with mother, have modern drilling equipment, Howard, Bertha, Walter
1933-10-19Crosby, Clarence W.Zion, ILCrosby, Jesse N.Bartle, CubaFamily Letter, Walter, Canadian matters, religious discussion, card from Nellie at George's - leaving for Portland, family willing to drop all claims against estate and you personally so you can come home
1933-10-20Crosby, Clarence W.Zion, ILCrosby, Jesse N.Bartle, Cubaclippings, NRA, depression, strikes, begs Jesse to leave Cuba
1934-10-24Crosby, Clarence W.Zion, ILCrosby, Jesse N.Bartle, Cuba"Letter of Release", Nellie, Canadian oil affair, resigned $200, Walter, George Clark, Allen working with Garland on bakery truck - now has own route, Joe & Ariel in Eau Claire working at filling stations, not heard from Stephen or David in long time, Clarence working in garden all summer, Meda, Clark boys, making plans, Masonary, Haberman books, Lewis in Miami, Lorina, Walter & Vida,
1934-10-30Crosby, Clarence W.Zion, ILCrosby, Jesse N.Bartle, Cubachurch problems
1935-02-01Crosby, Anson N.Monroe, WICrosby, Jesse N.Bartle, CubaAnna's health poor - serious condition, Clarence in poor health
1935-05-14Crosby, Clarence W.Zion, ILCrosby, Jesse N.Bartle, Cubachecking on previous mail, Meda flu for 5 weeks, bad conditions here, thinking about taking her down to Fannie's place for 2 or 3 weeks
1936-08-04Crosby, Clarence W.Wheaton, ILCrosby, Jesse N.Bartle, Cubano family letter, Bertha's schedule, Anglo-Israel matter - bottom of my family problems, meet in Alabama less than 3 weeks from now
1936-12-22Crosby, Anson N.Monroe, WICrosby, Jesse N.Bartle, Cubathanks for "cane", still working
1923-11-21Crosby, Clarence W.Zion, ILCrosby, Jesse N.Bartle, CubaLetter from Lorina, Jesse & Lula not well, come back to states, Nellie - dance - bad for family, Arthur - bad shape - motorcycle accident, Charlotte,
1924-07-24Crosby, Clarence W.Zion, ILCrosby, Jesse N.Bartle, Cubaconditions in Cuba, with Charlotte gone - as older brother up to me to set pace with family communications, Clarence busy with sick and inane, subtle forces at work to divide family, Nellie address
1924-08-09Crosby, Anson N.Monroe, WICrosby, Jesse N.Bartle, Cubamiss Charlotte's letters, reread Floyd's letters, Elkanah Crosby letters, Anson Andrews letters, conditions at cemetery
1924-09-19Crosby, Clarence W.Zion, ILCrosby, Jesse N.Bartle, Cubabusy with sick & needy, got after Howard & Bertha, George dishonest with Charlotte's money, George treated me shabily ref well machine, problem over Charlotte executor, would not sign paper appointing Fanny as executor, Walter, Trip to South Wayne, Will Pease, Anson Crosby, cemetery, Stephen, David, Ariel, Anna Pease, Almede, Francis Clark, Monroe, Lorina, Herbert, Nellie, Saturday sabbath, Bethseda Home, take everyone, "Voice from Zion", "Peacemaker", Stephen working Nash in Kenosha, WI, Stephen health, David & Ariel in Wheaton school, George Clark - Havana radio station, pleas for Jesse to leave, Floyd wrong to go there, do not consider my part of estate - but leave, I should have left Cuba - lost two dear ones, you have been spared the death penalty
1933-08-14Crosby, Clarence W.Zion, ILCrosby, Jesse N.Bartle, Cubaconcerned about your personal safety, Havana, Nellie wrote me July 5th from Camaguey, "budget" letter, Fannie, Roosevelt Government Cuba policies, leave at earliest possible moment, had I left after Lewis born, would have saved Teresa & Elizabeth, Almeda & I optimistic about changes in Zion,
1933-09-04Crosby, Clarence W.Zion, ILCrosby, Jesse N.Bartle, Cubaconcerned about you, family letter here - not sending it because of Cuban mail, George, Nellie, Walter, family re-union, leaving for Detroit & Canada ref oil well work, Fannie, Almeda & Francis in Omaha, Lewis & Allen taking care of visitors, details of your fire, I shall take up family grievances with government,
1933-10-03Crosby, Clarence W.Zion, ILCrosby, Jesse N.Bartle, Cubaholding family letter because of Cuban mail situation, Havana, do not place confidence in news media, communism, colleges, Russia, Nellie gone - supposed on way to George's
1933-10-10Crosby, Clarence W.Zion, ILCrosby, Jesse N.Bartle, Cubaclippings, Nellie must be leaving George's on way to Portland, wish you were out, terrible days, Anglo-Saxons should be home on own soil, been appointed Chief Engineer for company rejuvenating old oil wells, job offer to Jesse, will send family letter as soon as Cuban mail ok
1933-10-28Crosby, Clarence W.Zion, ILCrosby, Jesse N.Bartle, Cuba"Cannot possibly understand that you have any honor or duty ... to getting away from there"
1934-09-25Crosby, Clarence W.Zion, ILCrosby, Jesse N.Bartle, CubaLetter of Release signed and sent to you, copy in Family Trunk, Fannie just mailed you family letter
1915cCrosby, Teresa L.Bartle, CubaUnknownhealth & serving the Lord, Clarence believes man should live off land, Clarence hates wheels, Clarence gone 3 weeks with Stephen drilling wells, Cuban RR corruption, Father C (Floyd) - friendly old dear, Mother C (Charlotte) will surely return to ZC (Zion City), George must be home by now, Gertrude, Sarah Day, our baby, Joe, Ariel, Elizabeth & I housecleaning, Clarence looks more and more like Floyd each year and is naturally dispositioned like him. (Note - this letter was given to Maxine Crosby by Gertrude ? - found in her trunk)