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The presentations on this website are the sole work of the author, Larry Allen Crosby, unless otherwise stated.  These presentations are meant to accurately depict family history, while at the same time making the various stories dramatic and interesting.

My work is based on the best available information.  Source quality begins with the Family Tree, which is based on hard proven data.  The next most accurate sources are the work done by credible researchers, whether they be professional or family.

The next most valuable sources are interviews with those with first-hand knowledge and personal visitations to places of interest.

If you come across something which you think might be in error, or you have additional information, please let me know.

My initial efforts are devoted to the Elkanah Young Crosby (1797-1869) branch of the family. He is buried in the Cherry Valley Cemetery in Ashtabula County, Ohio.  However, I am open to working with anyone who has material and a story to tell about your branch of the family.

Please use the Contact form on the menu to advise me of your comments.

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