Floyd Wallace Crosby Family

The history of this family is truly amazing.  Floyd and Charlotte wandered all over the country and even into Cuba in their pursuit of happiness.  Their record is well preserved by their prolific family letters and the number of significant geographical stops as a family.  They were always productive, inventive, risk takers, and achievers.  They had a strong family bond, and were mutually supportive as each worked their way through life.  They are and were a family to be admired.

The entire family circulated from location to location, but certain family members had primary responsibility for certain of these locations.  The names of those with primary responsibility are in brackets after the location name.

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     Family Letters

     Alabama - Sheffield  (Fannie)

     Illinois - Zion  (Clarence)

     Montana - Toluca  (George)

     Ohio - Ashtabula County

     Tennessee - Dickson   (Floyd)

     Wisconsin - South Wayne  (Floyd)

      Cuba - Bartle  (Jesse and Walter)