Places of the Simon Crosby Family and Descendants

Simon Crosby, the Emigrant , and his descending families expanded and moved all across America.

The family expanded and moved West in a series of stopping points.  These could be areas where families congregated, common burial grounds, or family enterprises.

These stopping points can be defined as "Places".  These places are usually associated with a specific family.

This index is a list of all of these significant places, organized by State, regardless of family grouping.  These same "places" can also be found and linked from the individual family pages.  


          Sheffield  (Crosby, Fannie Fern)


          Zion  (Crosby, Clarence Wallace)


          Bay City  (Caspers, Coord Poppen)


          Toluca  (Crosby, George Francis)


          Ashtabula County  (Crosby, Elkanah)


          Dickson  (Crosby, Floyd Wallace)


          Monroe  (Crosby, Anson)

          South Wayne  (Crosby, Floyd Wallace)


          Bartle  (Crosby, Floyd, Jesse, Walter)