Caspers Family Historians and Researchers

Anna Marie Logan, Grand-daughter of Casper Johnson Caspers, became actively interested in the family genealogy when her oldest son was two years old.

She initially began tracing the family history of her mother.

After a Caspers family reunion in Bay City, MI in 2001, she began gathering data and compiled a historical Manuscript of the Caspers family dating back from the mid 1800’s to 2001.

Much of her information about the Caspers family is available on this web site.  She continues to contribute to the information presented here.




Three Sisters follow in path of their Mother!

Linda, Marsha and Carol are the three older daughters of Carl, son of Coord and Mary Caspers.

Their mother, Mabel Peglow- Caspers, had an interest in the genealogy of the family and for many years collected data from mostly the Peglow side but also did some with the Caspers.

After she passed away, the sisters continued to research and compile the family history individually.

In 2018 they combined what they had gleaned over the years to place in this family history.  It includes letters, pictures and documents as well as written remembrances of the family.  They continue to research as a team to fill in as many gaps as they can, to preserve the Caspers and Peglow legacies for future generations.